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Christine Shanahan McGovern  - Together we can put "Illinois Citizens First"!

2024 Candidate for Illinois Representative District 36




Christine Shanahan McGovern is a Republican running for Illinois Representative in the 36th District. She has lived in the Southland for the last 29 years. Christine is a Christian, a mother, and a small business owner.

Education - An advocate for local parental control

Christine was elected twice to the Annie Keller Gifted School and the Local School Council.  She is compassionate about serving the community. She has been a mentor to children in our neighborhood as a Girl Scout Leader and coach for several athletic teams. 

Christine graduated from Lincoln-Way High School and attended Northern Illinois University. She graduated with a degree in Economics and Communication. She has also worked in the public schools in the Chicagoland area.  Christine has fought against the "Longer School Day Initiative" in our Chicago Public Schools. She continues to stand up and fight for the rights of parents, students and others in the local community standing for truth, justice and common sense. Education is very important and parents should have a voice or advocate when it comes to school choice and providing the best education for their children. 

Supports small business owners, local law enforcement and safe communities.

As a small business owner of a real estate company specializing in residential and business investments, Christine believes small businesses are essential in creating a prosperous community. She recently organized the Chicago team, "Reopen Illinois" in support of local and small businesses. Small businesses account for more than half of the non-farm, private GDP and around half of the private sector employment. 

Christine supports law enforcement and safe communities. She initiated the "Back the Blue" in Chicago.  When our police were under attack our elected officials did nothing. It is in her heart to serve, protect and support those in need especially those most underserved in our communities.  

An advocate for better resources and support for mental health and drug addiction.

Christine has a personal stake in the sexual abuse crimes and the long-term effects this has on victims. She believes the focus should be on recovery for the victims, not making it easy for the predators.  The decisions that Illinois legislators have voted on recently are disgraceful. Christine has an invested interest in the concerns for mental health and the drug addiction that is not only growing on a local level in our communities, but also across our state and nation. 

The need is NOW - For a voice for Truth, Justice and Common Sense.

Christine chooses to serve again because our district needs a better voice and stronger representation for our community, our parents, and our students. Our district needs a voice for truth, justice and common sense. Our community has had enough of the "Chicago-style" politics. No more silence from our elected officials. It is time to stand up and speak out! If not now, when?

It is very obvious how voting has been conducted by "wheeling and dealing" for political favors and handouts while forgetting the interests of the real constituents in 36th District -  the community members who put their trust into their elected officials.


As your Representative, Christine Shanahan McGovern will provide the necessary leadership and responsibility to help pass legislation that will improve the quality of this district and the State of Illinois working together with the constituents of the 36th State Representative District to help put "Illinois Citizens First" .  Together we can work to bring back a balanced budget, address our pension crisis while practicing fiscal responsibility, and bring common sense back to Springfield. It's time to put "Illinois Citizens First"!

It is time that we challenge those who believe they own Illinois.  We need to hold all elected officials accountable for making choices that effect our every day lives. This Governor's policies have closed schools, raised taxes, and shut down many small and local businesses.  People are fleeing Illinois by the thousands.

It is time to stand up and speak out for truth, justice and common sense. What has happened in Illinois can never happen again!  It's time to put "Illinois Citizens First"!

Vote for Christine Shanahan McGovern for Representative District 36! Vote for TRUTH, JUSTICE and COMMON SENSE! Let's put "Illinois Citizens First"!

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