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Voter Information

 To make a difference in Springfield every vote matters.  Before you can vote you must be registered.  Chicago residents of the 36th District need to register to vote with the Chicago Board of Elections  and not the Cook County Clerk. The rest of the 36th District will register at the Illinois State Board of Elections.  If you have any questions contact us. Soon we will be providing polling locations or voting centers here so you know where to vote. 

There is another need from our registered voters, and that is to consider becoming an election judge. The priority to have fair and honest elections with all election judges (both Republican and Democrat) in the election process is crucial.  Election Integrity is VITAL!

If you can not commit to being an election judge, please consider signing up to be a poll watcher. We can connect you to trainers across the district. It is our duty to to be involved in elections to prevent any election or voter fraud in the voting process. Meanwhile, you can gain valuable experience in learning the political process!


Below is the link to the Chicago Board of Elections so you can register to vote!


Also, for residents of Cook County that vote outside the City of Chicago, here is the link for registering to vote! Here is the link:

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